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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  May 31, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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happened between two service vehicles with bart. when that accident happened nobody was hurt but the tracks were damaged. when the tracks were damaged, all we know at this point is that there is no estimate for time of repairs but this will effect the entire morning commute. they could only operate trains in single track directions. that means one at a time. instead of using two sets of tracks they can only use one. we talked to one commuter here at the west oakland bart station and here's how he reacted when he heard the news. >> have they said how long the delays are nor >> i they don't have it fixed during the commute. >> yeah i'm going to drive. >> reporter: he is going to drive because 9 train we sat in front of arrived at 5:19. and at 5:41 was just leaving the station. that wasn't the case for all the trains that came through
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there. but there were folks that were seeing a lot of delays. we talked to one man that was on one of the trains about the delays he experienced. how long did you sit there on the track? >> approximately well it stopped twice. we sat for seven minutes and then we sat in the middle of the track back there for another seven minutes. so 15 minutes all together. >> reporter: people frustrated? >> not too much. i'm going to be late to work, but you know it is friday so i'm trying to keep a good spirit about it. >> reporter: he was trying to stay positive. certainly we have seen people running in here saying look, they have already adjusted their plans when they heard the news. one woman said she drove here from west oakland. trying to get as possibly as she can to the transbay 2. we've talked to the folks
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upstairs. we have monitored the trains. here's what we have figured out. at this point there is a large number of trains on this side of the bay. so most of those are going through okay. once there are an equal number of train this is san francisco and oakland, than delays start. then they really start taking turns. and so as the morning progresses, we do expect the delays to continue to back up. sal castaneda of course monitoring all of that for us. people hop in their cars and creates problems on the roads. problems here. it looks like it will be a very long morning. >> that is right. as a matter of fact, we've been watches the roads just to make sure we keep an eye on the most important would be the bay bridge. you heard about the transbay tube that claudine told you about. they are down to one track on bart. i want to mention at the bay bridge you will see more people getting into san francisco at the toll plaza we're going to have a little bit of a delay. you can use the ferry. yo can get up to alameda ferry
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or oakland ferry and you can take that. and you can also use ac transit. running as normal into san francisco. and of course we have been watching the bridges for you. we already have a rather large delay at the toll plaza. >> if you planned on taking bart today just how long will the commute take you. tara moriarty son a mission to find out. she is live in lafayette where she will be timing her commute. >> reporter: that is right. we're here at the bart station and it is a ghost town. we did just speak to a commuter who got on the at walnut creek station. he got on and realized it would take forever. he will drive spool work. if you go over here the parking lot is pretty empty. we did speak to the bart operator at the entrance. he said it's normally a lot busier than this. right now you can see the
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service delaysen if we're going to hop on bart and time ourselves to give you an idea how things are running. one viewer said i'm phone to try to drive into -- i'm going to to try to drive into work this morning. we'll let you know later on how commuters are fairing. let's go live to oakland. >> reporter: we are here at the 20th bart station. that nl bus that is the one bus that comes from this location to san francisco. it does that every 30 minutes and right now there is a supervisor from ac transit trying to get more buses and more drivers to come in to
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provide extra service. there that buzz goes to san they are going to use this as a staging. ac transit is trying to pull extra buss to help load all extra bus riders that they anticipate later today. they ask people to be patient because it will still be limited service. >> the earlier you can get moving this morning, the i the 129th street and come over to our tot street location for bus service to san francisco. >> reporter: the buses that will go to san francisco usually turn around empty to oakland but today they plan on filling the ac transit buss to people from san francisco that
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need to get into the east bay. i -- and he came here to buses tee changed. have they been reporting live from oakland. happening right now wild weather continues in the midwest after another tornado touched down in oklahoma. the national weather service says the latest twister hit the town of broken arrow late last night. caused major damages to homes and businesses. it was a different story in arkansas where a tornado touched down killing one
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person, injuring nine others. a driver died when strong winds knocked a tree right on to his car 30 miles southwest of little rock arkansas. this is what it looked like in the town of oden. several homes leveled. yesterday's tornadoes appear to be far less powerful than- week's storm in moore, oklahoma where 24 people were killed but more severe weather is expected today. attorney general eric holder is looking to tighten rules on prosecutors. that is according to the new york times. holder has been under fire department following revelations that the justice department secretly gathered reporters phone records and e- mails. holder is meeting with news organizations to develop new guidelines. president obama has given holder until july 12th to deliver a report with his recommendations. federal agents searched the home of a texas man.
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coming up at 6:15 the family member who called police. novato police are looking for a man they say harassed a 17-year-old girl on her walk to school. the incident was reported yesterday morning in the area of hill street. a man in a car pulled up and started talking to her. when she did not respond he got out of the car and followed her for a little while. even tugging on her shirt. he is described as a light skin latino male in his mid 20s. about 5'4", 145 pounds. he was driving a green car. again anyone with information is asked to call novato police. the oakland a's will have special guests when they host the chicago white sox at the coliseum today. valley high school baseball team is getting free tickets to tonight's game that is because they became high rows earlier this month.
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they hushed to help a girl that had been run over. the liers that ever girl on the ground. >> remember that story. growth story. time now 6:08. take a look at this bart situation. sal joins us now with an update. >> we are looking at the toll plaza and seeing just how many people are going to get on the road. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza it is jam packed. the metering lights are on and backed up for a 20 minute delay. sometimes on fridays we get lighter than usual commutes. moving along and taking a look at interstate 880 that traffic looks okay get into the city. if you are driving into the south bay this has been largely ineffected. 6:09 let's go to steve. thank you very much. a very happy friday.
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for those that are multitasking you are listening but not watching. there you go sunrise over the big city. it's nothing we haven't seen before. we are not setting any records but it will get warmer. 44 napa airport. santa rosa 55. not far away asaw -- i saw 46. 50s for many. concord and livermore at 52. redwood city 51. san francisco starting off 52. we will go 72 for a high today. it's been a long time below average. we will continue into saturday and then start a cooling trend. clear skies. unless you are down in l.a. or san diego then they are keying with fog. high fire danger kicks in when that north wicked kicks in. there is still a delta breeze in place though. it's sunny today and temperatures will be warming up. increased fire danger starts tonight and tomorrow.
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that is the warmest day. sunday we start a cooling trend with sunshine and warmer temps today. coast is clear. not much of a breeze. at least not for many. 60s and 70s and 80s and low 90s. and again we will see a little bit of a jump in those temps tomorrow. a little cooler sunday. >> thank you, steve. 10 minutes after 6:00. a plane lands into a d.c. area apartment. the cause of that crash and the other shock from the people inside that building. it's been here since i lived here. and i was four. and it's beautiful. >> and the san francisco fixture in jeopardy of disappearing because of apple. we will also continue our live team coverage of this morning's commute nightmare. live look at the ferries. that is an alternate transportation. you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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we continue with our breaking news of this morning's big problems on bart. an early morning crash is causing big problems for thousands of bart rider ifsen these are live pictures of the ferry terminal in alameda. you can see the ferries are leeing to the city. some people will be using that instead. that is a good alternate for you. you can also use the bridge. we have new information about what happened inside the transbay tube as you watch the ferry pull out. these are pictures from news
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chopper 2. sometime in the night 40 insulators in the trance bay tube were damaged after maintenance vehicles collided. the way to get into san francisco you can use the yellow line which is dublin. the blue which is pittsburg. 23 trains normally run in and out of the transbay tube per hour now it's down to eight. there will be bart service into san francisco but there will be major delays system wide because of this problem. stay with county r we will be with you with more information. new this morning a single enearly reports that plane they have run out of fuel. two people were on board. the they survived. the passenger and two people
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sleeping inside the apartment suffered minor injuries. one person inside the apartment woke up after hearing an explosion. incredibly no one was seriously hurt when another small plane crashed into a home in washington state. this is edenville last night. a pilot and a passenger escaped that crash with minor injuries. no one in the house or ground was hurt. the faa says the two men were flying from oregon to seattle when they ran into bad weather. this morning president obama will call on congress to keep subsidized loan rates from doubling. it marks the beginning of a plan to extend current loan rates or find a long-term compromise. president obama is one of three targets of letters believed to contain ricen.
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a potentially deadly poison. as kyla campbell reports the fbi hassle so the fbi questioned him at his home in new boston, texas. some reports says the man's wife called authorities after she noticed strange material in her refrigerator. the eastbound new york city is the letters intended for the president and mayor were intercepted. but the guns group director in d.c. opened the letter. he is doing okay. >> i don't see it as a real threat but rather to intimidate and atrack publicity. >> reporter: preliminary tests
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show the letters contain ricin. i called the fbi a moments ago. i'm wails to hear back. i'll have new developments for you next hour. live in was, kay lam -- live in washington, kyla campbell. now some of the letters were intercepted last week. he's pleaded not guilty to threatening the judge and currently being held without bail. blood clot new details in a -- new details in a deadly crash. the person killed in the accident near hayward last month. vladimir was hit by a patrol cruiser and killed while crossing mission boulevard. a woman with him was hurt. 6:18 is the time.
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you can expect more officers on the streets in san jose this weekend. the extra patrols are to combat gang violence. special operations, swat and gang suppression units will take part. they have also been directed to focus on gang neighbors in their beat. there have been 20 homicides in ktvu this year. while waiting for his uncle to pick him up to go to work. the family says he was in confrontation recently but not involved in a gang. classes were canceled yesterday during that police investigation. a treasured san francisco art work may have to be relocated to make room for a new apple store. a bronze fountain has stood in front of the hotel for 40 years. it features the people, buildings, and bridges that helped make the city famous.
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apple wants to take over the plaza and build a new flag ship store there. >> if you want it to become part of the city's public sculpture, it would have to come with an endowment to support its maintenance because the city requires that now. >> apple says it's working with the hyatt to find a new location for the fountain. the art work was designed by an 87-year-old japanese-american. 6:20. is the time right now. we want to go back to sal. that is our big news today. if you're just waking up and joining us bart problems and it's effecting the roads andth ferries as well. everybody. >> what happened in case you are just joining us. there was damage to the third rail inside the transbay tube.
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that means one normally they want 23 trains into and out of the city. they are down to eight. you can only use the dublin line which is the yellow line or the pittsburg line which is the purple line into san francisco. 40 insulators need to be replaced before they can be reopened. several hundred feet of the third rail need to be replaced. trains are definitely delayed. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. we have big delay here. sometimes on fridays we have lighter than usual conditions. this may help us out. and one of the things we are watching as other parts of the bay. livermore valley looking pretty good. we have a light commute on the
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nimitz freeway. and then in the south bay 101 looks good. it's kind of a quiet commute into santa clara valley right now. let's go to steve. thank you. a very good morning. under clear skies. a little cool for some. 40s and 50s. breeze has been variable. 44 napa. yet 55. 49 oakland. that sat the airport. 52 san francisco. high pressure here i would say large and in charge. at least for a day or two. 48-degrees warmer today. that is sun. north and easter bay hills.
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not much of a breeze. 60s and 70s, 80s, or low 90s. redwood city and mountain view 80. san jose 81. 80 in santa cruz. warm to hot on saturday. that is the warmest day by far. much cooler monday and tuesday. 6:22 is the time. the disturbing discovery at a school. bart system major delays because of a problem in the transbay tube. we'll tell you how long it will take you to get into the city.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. it's 6:25. police are investigating threatening graffiti on the school campus. it was discovered on the wall of a girl's bathroom. school officials alerted parents they are asking any students that know anything about the incident to please come forward. back in march, scribbled threats were also discovered. that was at foothill high school. prompting increased security on campus. leap transit runs on the same streets as muni's 30x line
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between downtown and marina. it only runs during commute hours. it's using muni's bus stops without any agreement with the city. >> muni has the priority and they should. so we can maintain our service. when we see one coming we get out of the way. we've been rying to keep our stops down to 30 second or less. >> some computers say they use leap because they don't have to wonder if they will be able to get on an overcrowded muni bus. others say they will stick with muni because they say it's cheaper. when we come back. coming up on 6:30 the big breaking news we've been following since 4:30 this morning. a crash in the transbay tube has made this a horrible morning commute for bart riders. we're going to continue with our team coverage to see how the entire commute is effected. we are also taking a ride from lafayette to san francisco
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to see just how long it would take if you absolutely need to take bart this morning to work. we're going to have an update on that coming up. and we will take you live to the opening bell to see how wall street is responding to economic news today. at farmers we make you smarter about insurance,
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. the nasdaq and the new york stock exchange and it looks like a down day. we sort of had an up and down all week. so we will talk about the economic thinks effecting the numbers this morning coming up. and good morning, thank you for joining us. it's friday, may 31st i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm brian flores in for dave clark. breaking news on bart. an accident inside the transbay
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tube is throughing the commute into chaos. two maintenance vehicles collided with each other damaging the track. sal is checking out the different options for commuters. tara moriarty son bart right now timing her bart into san francisco. but first reporter claudine wong joins us live from the west oakland bart station. claudine. >> good morning. we are talking about delays and things are getting busier at west oakland. we have seen people who have driven into this station to try to get as close as they can to the point where they go under the water, through the transbay tube. i want to bring in jim to tell us where the situation stands right now in terms of delays. >> reporter: the majority of the delays are for people who are in san francisco heading to the east bay. so the majority people at this time of day travel the other direction. so we'll have two lines that will go through the transbay
6:32 am
tube right now. that will be the pittsburg bay point to west sfo. >> reporter: but in terms of the number of trains going through, it's significantly less than what it was. >> it is significantly less. 23 trains will be going through the tube. right now we have eight. >> reporter: no matter what direction you are going you will be impacted. >> unless you are on the fremont to richmond line. >> okay. let's talk about what happened. two service vehicles collide somehow in the transbay tube between 2:00 and 3:00 this morning. we have videos of the insulators that are partly damaged as well as 200 feet of line. correct? >> it's about 380 feet of the third rail which is the rail that provides power to the trains. and so it is time consuming work to get that repaired. we've done it before. we know how to do it. but it takes time to do it. and we're hoping that
6:33 am
everything will be back to normal by the afternoon commute. >> reporter: the morning commute is the wash. it will be slow. if you avoid going in maybe you should. >> the afternoon commute should be normal. the morning commute is anything but normal. we apologize. we know it has effected a lot of people. these things happen with mechanical devices. so we are doing what we can to rectify it. >> reporter: thank you for joining us. we appreciate it this morning. again so that is the story right now. there will with delays. there is nothing they can do to fix the morning commute. we were up on the track. we saw a lot of people standing there and waiting. we have seen trains come in and sit at the station for 20 minutes. some have gone straight through. it's kind of a timing issue. when you talk about 23 trains going through that tunnel and now only eight an hour is going to slow things down dramatically. the message from bart is if you
6:34 am
can avoid it. it is going to be a long friday morning for lots of folks. live here in oakland claudine wong. >> boy not the news people want to hear when they are baking up and need -- waking up and need to get to work. but we have sal who will tell us how are the roads? how are people getting around all of this? >> the roads are okay. believe it or not. on friday sometimes we have lighter than usual conditions. i want to show you news chopper 2 showing us the situation outside of west oakland station. the trains are stacking up here. as you heard claudine say they are getting some trains through. you heard the barts spokesman say eight trains an hour through the tube instead of 23 which leads you to believe they are asking you to use other forms of transportation into the city. he did say they expect the problem to be fixed by this afternoon. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. westbound there is a delay of 15-20 minutes now. but there is a delay getting into the city.
6:35 am
in fact, it could be a little bit more than that. san jose in the south bay uneffected by most of this. traffic on the freeways look good. let's go to steve. the weather looks good if you like sunshine. the coast is clear. any fog is down in southern california but not here. it will be back probably sunday night. but today and rr look to be fog free. temperatures starting off in the 40s and 50s. 44 napa airport. 55 fairfield. 55 santa rosa. 49 oakland airport. looks like a little bit of a north wind trying to kick in but it's not wide spread. the winds are really variable. sunshine and clear skies. the warmest day will be tomorrow. today we warm up just four to eight degrees mainly away from the coast. it will be warmer. tomorrow will be the hottest day. not a record or anything but it will be back in the 90s. cranested fire danger but 70s and 80s and 90s.
6:36 am
by sunday we start a cool down. not much of a breeze for some. higher elevations coast. there is cool lows or mild lows depending on where you are. 60s and 70s and 80s and low 90s. we'll have a couple today. we'll have more so tomorrow. as temperatures warm up that will be the peak on the temps. time now 6:35. we have in details on east palo alto's latest response to the city east violent crime emergency. police enforced a youth curfew for the first time in years. it began at 11:00 last night. and wrapped up a few hours later. >> we don't really need anybody under the age of 18 out on the streets. >> it comes after five deaths and more than 50 assaults this year. many gang related. the most recent deadly crime
6:37 am
took place on may 19th when a 16-year-old boy was shot and killed hill sitting in a car -- while sitting in a car with friends. a court ruling has california's death penalty on hold indefinitely. they scrapped the state's latest attempt to update the lethal injection procedures. the court found the state fell well short of legal requirements when crafting new regulations more than two years ago. that means they have to go back. no one has been executed in seven years. also this morning high speed rail opponents will ask a sacramento county judge to put a stop to the project. quintin cop the former chairman of the prompt will lead the group arguing that all construction plans should be put on hold. he says the project has doubled in costs since voters approved it in 2009. and that ridership estimates have dropped while ticket
6:38 am
prices have sored. the high speed rail project is already a year behind schedule. wac to our continue -- back to our continuing coverage of our big bart problem this morning. if you still have to take bart into the city, we are keeping track of how long it might take you. ktvu tara moriarty joins us now. tara, how is it going? >> reporter: we got on the train in lafayette probably we were waiting on the platform around 6:14. took about ten minutes for the train to come. we noticed it started slowing as we were coming out of the tunnel which is not normal according to the commuters. it looks like a pretty normal commute but we know it's anything but. we know we are experiencing major delays. joining me is lisa. she is on her way to the airport. were you a little panicked this >> yes very much so. luckily i got up early. i saw the news and just woke my son up and said we have to go to the bart train now.
6:39 am
>> reporter: and you got on at walnut creek? >> i got on at walnut creek. >> reporter: what has it been like? >> so far it's fine. >> reporter: and then obviously you're a little anisi to get on that sight. >> i'm watching. i have three hours. hopefully i will make it. >> reporter: all right good news. we are going to stay on the train here. we are just going to be pulling out. this is the rock ridge station. you can see there is not too many people waiting here. they've all gotten on the train here. we will keep you posted on when we make it into san francisco. live from rock ridge i'm tara moriarty. huge news coming up this morning. of course stay with ktvu morning news. we will continue our team coverage including alternative routes as well. we are live in oakland at a bus depot where ac transit is providing extra service for commuters. we'll have details on what you need to know to get into the
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we now continue with our team coverage of this morning's bart problems as the roads get more crowded and bart stays slow. this is a live picture at the alameda ferry dock this morning. so far we haven't seen any unusually large crowds here. as you can see the ferries
6:43 am
pulling in and out of the alameda terminal. and leaves from jack london square. the ferry does getting into san francisco. these ferries are working as normal. and it's a good alternate into the city. another alternative is taking ac transit. janine de la vega is live in downtown oakland with that option. janine. >> reporter: that is right. i'm at the 20th street bus depot for ac transit. it's near broadway. and ac transit is saying they will use this place as a staging area for people waiting to get extra buses here into service. the next bus that leaves for san francisco leaves in 15 minutes. they are trying to add trains to that. ac transit is in the process of getting the extra buses and calling in extra drivers to provide service into the city. ac transit wants riders to get off the station and walk over to the 20th street bus depot to
6:44 am
catch a bus into the city. they are asking commuters to be -- so far we have not gotten an update on if that has happened. and it's still regular service. but we found several bart riders who are already waiting at ac transit to commute. >> to get on ac transit and to the stay. because you know it's tragic. even on the bridge it was traffic. >> reporter: the buss that will go to san francisco usually turn around empty back to oakland but today they plan ton filling those that need to get to the east bay. you can go to seventh street and alice. there is also a stop at 40th
6:45 am
and san pablo. this is the only location they plan to have extra buses. luckily it hasn't been that crowded. reporting live from oakland janine de la vega is ktvu channel 2 news. >> we want to recap all of this for you. because it is a very important story today. people trying to get to work. there is the ferry. if you don't norrally take the ferry they are at jack london square and at alameda on main street and harbor way. as janine mentioned a lot of bart riders are taking the bus. and ac transit is -- then there are also people who are turning
6:46 am
to driving to work or trying to car pool. many remember the big fire near the west oakland bart station that caused huge delays in june of last year. that early morning fire melted the track that caused one of the worst commutes in recent memories. commuters face clog traffic, long bus lines. we will continue to follow -- and if you haven't done so be sure to sign up for mobile ktvu. time is 6:46. here's a quick look at the top stories we are following right now. a french restaurant in san francisco was destroyed by fire overnight. it happened around 1:30 this morning. two other buildings were also
6:47 am
damaged including an apartment. the cause is still under investigation. the search continues in the south bay for a missing man who suchers from dementia. 63-year-old james was last seen yesterday morning when he was near his home. and the fbi searched the home of a man in texas. man's wife says she called police after seeing some strange material in the refrigerator and internet searches for ricin on the family computer. the owner of four pit bulls that killed a woman jogger in a gruesome mauling in los angeles is facing murder charges. prosecutors charged the owner alex jackson with murder after dna tests on his dogs linked him to the death of the 63-year- old woman who was bitten nearly 200 times. the case is brining back memories of that fatal dog mauling case in san francisco just 12 years ago.
6:48 am
oakland animal services is looking for the people who badly abused a female german shepard. we want to warn you some of the video is hard to watch. early yesterday morning surveillance video shows a man delivering the dog in a large plastic crate. >> that dog had been left unattended without any attention for an extended period of time. >> the director of the shelter said he wanted to get the word out so they could find the person responsible and get justice for this dog. they have given the dog medicine for the pain but her injuries are just too extreme and she will have to be put down. a vallejo man is in jail after painting a crosswalk on a street known for sents. anthony painted a second crosswalk across sonoma boulevard. friends say he was hoping it would get drivers to slow down and keep pedestrians safe.
6:49 am
but his hand painted crosswalk is considered felony vandalism so he is arrested and being held on $15,000 bail. >> if everything went out there and decided i need a crosswalk in front of my residence, we would have them everywhere. there has to be a rule of hue here. >> reporter: cal tran has sandblasted away the crosswalk. sal is even more important than usual today. because of the commute issues we have today. >> yeah. if you are trying to get into the stay maybe you are just turning on the tv you don't realize that bart has a major problem inside the transbay tube. they are working on the tube. it looks like news chopper 2 is over the area there. just at the mouth of the tube on the oakland side where they are fixing the problem. a couple maintenance vehicles got into a collision there and damaged some of the third rail.
6:50 am
40 insulators needs to be replaced. we have major delays on bart. bart this is a picture from one of the trains here. just kind of waiting to get into san francisco. ktvu tara moriarty has been taking the train. she got on at lafayette. she is just waiting here with all these other people to get into the city. just sitting around. it will be a slow commute. bart did say they expect to have the trouble fixed by the afternoon. some of the people will have a better commute home. let's also talk about the toll plaza as more people are taking their car instead. that is about 25-30 minute delay here at the toll plaza. otherwise the other parts of the bay have not been that bad. santa clara valley moderately heavy traffic there. sometimes on fridays we have lighter commutes and that will help us out with this bart situation. let's go to steve. clear skies. happy friday everybody. no fog.
6:51 am
coast is clear. casey said it's clear but chilly. it will be a beautiful day. temperatures 40s even 50s. again no breeze. maybe a little bit warmer especially if you get a north breeze. lots of sunshine. tomorrow will be the warmest. sunny for all. it will be warmer today and also tomorrow. north wind have to keep an eye on that. coast is clear. not much of a breeze. sunny and warmer. temperatures 60s to 90s. been awhileceps we had 90s in there. 90s through the interior. temperatures will warm up on saturday. top out then a little cooler sunday. much cooler monday and tuesday. pamela. thank you. i want to take you first of all live to the new york stock exchange. keep an eye on the dow.
6:52 am
a little bit of a higher opening. futures indicated a lower start. there are decent economic reports coming in in terms of earnings reports mostly. so the dow up ten points. apple is hiking the price of ipads and ipods in japan. prices went up as much as 20% overnight. it's the latest and most high profile company to make that move. they are increasing price there is as the yen continues to weaken against the dollar. snoopy to the rescue. how new license plates could help california museums. and is it too close for comfort? an asteroid is on the way to earth this afternoon. we'll tell you how close it will get. movies to a device like that. , you couldn't just sm one time, i had to wait half a day to watch a movie. you watched movies?! i was lucky if i could watch a show. show?! man, i was happy to see a sneezing panda clip! trevor, have you eaten today? you sound a little grumpy.
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with u-verse high speed internet. we have major delays on bart because of an overnight problem that damaged the third rail. bart workers are working fast to replace about 380 feet of the third rail. 40 porcelain insulators that were damaged in a collision overnight. no bart workers were hurt. but the train services extremely delayed getting into and out of san francisco. you see the worker there is. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. looks like a 15-20 minute delay so it could be a lot worse.
6:56 am
at 6:55 let's go to steve. sunshine. 40s and 50s right now. it will be sunny an warmer today. if you want to take a friday off head over there. it will be sunny and the warmest temps will be away from the coast. 60s to low 90s. >> thank you, steve. 6:55 is the time. right now astronomers are tracking an asteroid that will make the closest approach to earth later today. you can see the radar images of this 1998qe2. the asteroid is the size of emeryville. >> we are tracking quite a number of large asteroids of this size that do cross earth's orbits. those are the ones we are really concerned about. >> no worries. there is no chance it will hit earth. the closest it will get is today's pass and that will be 3.5 million miles away. you will need a telescope to see it. bay area cities are getting rid of the red light cameras.
6:57 am
menlo park is considering adding the fifth one. police want to add it in front of bay front expressway. they will vote on the proposal in august. other police departments around the bay area have dropped their red light cameras. but menlo park police say they are good way to decrease accidents. a close call after a driver slammed into a school building. we are told the driver was reversing from a house across the street. school had already let out for the day but there were several people playing basketball in the area. they were not hurt. the driver was taken to the hospital though. he only suffered minor injuries. the state assembly has passed a bill that will help establish a snoopy license plate to benefit california museums. they chose snoopy because he is a native californian like brian and i. coming up on mornings on 2.
6:58 am
a nightmare commute this morning. early morning crash in the transbay tube creating huge delays for thousands of bart riders. ♪ [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be great if all devices had backup power? the chevrolet volt does. it's ingeniously designed to seamlessly switch from electricity to gas to extend your driving range.
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you know, if you can miss a day of work, miss it. who can miss a day of work. you know. >> we begin with breaking news, an early morning crash in the transbay tube has created a commuter nightmare for tens of thousands of b.a.r.t. riders. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu, mornings on 2. good morning everybody. a very busy morning on this friday may 31st. welcome to mornings on 2. i'm brian flores. >> i'm tori campbell. dave clark has the day off. we begin with the b.a.r.t. delays we've been telling you about since 4:30 this morning. a b.a.r.t. accident is now causing a nightmarish commute. right now there's only one track inside the tube that's working. this means instead of 23 trains normally running per hour


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